About Us

We opened in 2010 in the quiet side street Matrosova 1.

From the first day we cook food like a mother from Odessa, like a grandmother from Izmail, like an uncle from Armenia and like an older nephew of a cousin from Israel who moved there from Ternopil.

From the very beginning, we are pleased to work with the children of our guests, pour water and scrub the dogs behind their ears, rush through the markets in search of fresh bulls and buy only the right tomatoes at their own point.


In our name, the warmth of mother’s hands and the diligence of our cooks make cozy, homemade food modern, without losing “home taste”.

To us they go for family banquets, for happy children’s days for birthdays, for the opportunity to make a fuss or make a noisy breakout at the corporation.

We quickly become a favorite family restaurant, because we do nothing specially.

We just live like this.

We just have such a concept.

Family and goodies.

P.S. We really, really always wait for you